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Arthur Laughlin

Your Dedicated Representative for District 11

About Arthur Laughlin

As an experienced small business owner and knowledgeable real estate agent, I have proudly served our community for many years. My journey has been marked by dedication to local economic growth and a deep understanding of our real estate landscape. I am not just a councilman; I’m a committed husband and father who is passionate about creating a safer and more vibrant community for our families to thrive in.

…passionate about creating a safer and more vibrant community for our families to thrive in.


Proven Track Record

I have demonstrated a history of results and dedication through my previous term, showcasing my commitment to serving District 11 with integrity and passion such as passing a moratorium on hyper-dense subdivisions.


Economic Growth Champion

Leveraging my business expertise, I promote local economic growth, job creation, and a prosperous future for our community.


Managed Growth for Communities

I successfully passed a moratorium on hyper-dense subdivisions, demonstrating my commitment to responsible and sustainable growth that preserves our community’s character.


Easing Traffic Congestion

I am leading efforts to increase road capacity and implement smart traffic management solutions, aimed at reducing congestion and improving transportation for all residents.
Your Trusted Leader for District 11

Experience and Dedication: Building a Better District 11!


I pledge to maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that your voice is heard, and your concerns are addressed in a transparent and accountable manner.


I advocate for enhanced security measures and community engagement initiatives at our local library, ensuring it remains a safe and welcoming environment for our children to learn and grow.


I am committed to working collaboratively with fellow residents, addressing concerns, and finding solutions that improve the overall quality of life in our parish.

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